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The West Highland Museum has an active and ongoing relationship with many local schools, institutions and businesses. One of our top priorities is to help as many people as possible engage with, and learn from, our collection. Our team work to make as much of our collection available to as many people as possible through outreach activities that include school visits, talks for voluntary organisations, and visits to those who, for whatever reason, may not be able to visit the museum themselves.

Most school visits will include an activity designed to take the pupils around the Museum to items connected with the specific subject they are studying, and in many cases there is the opportunity for pupils to handle genuine artefacts from that period. For those studying The Jacobites, for example, there is a chance to dress in a traditional Belted Plaid and wield a broadsword, dirk and targe!

As part of our service delivery agreement with The Highland Council, all our educational services are offered free of charge to schools.

Museum Members also have access by appointment to our unique and extensive historical library of texts (including first editions and periodicals) for research purposes. The library holds collections on local social, cultural and political history, criminal trial records, folklore and Highland literature dating from the early eighteenth century to the present day.