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1922 - 2022

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Return of the Stuarts

West Highland Museum's Centenary Exhibition

Thursday 18th August - Saturday 29th October 2022

Portrait of 16 year old Bonnie Prince Charlie by Rosalba Carriera

This year we celebrate our centenary with an extraordinary exhibition of portraits depicting the Royal House of Stuart in exile. This iconic exhibition will feature paintings never before displayed together in Scotland and some which have never before been exhibited. The recently rediscovered portrait of a 16-year-old Bonnie Prince Charlie, by renowned Venetian artist Rosalba Carriera, will be showcased at this event.

The exhibition will include paintings of four generations of the Royal House of Stuart, including James VIII (the Old Pretender) and his wife Princess Clementina Sobieska, through to Prince Charles Edward Stuart, (Bonnie Prince Charlie), and his daughter, Charlotte the Duchess of Albany. The series concludes with Charlotte's daughter Princess Marie Victorie de Rohan. These paintings illustrate the deposed Royal Stuart dynasty, the family who inspired the Jacobite clans to risk so much in their attempts to restore them to the throne of Scotland during the Jacobite risings. This will be the last opportunity to see these paintings before most are moved to a new permanent home, the Museum of the Princes Lubomirski, in the Polish city of Wrocław.

Entry information

Adults: £3.00
Under 16s (accompanied by an adult): Free
Group visits over 10: email info@westhighlandmuseum.org.uk

Dogs are not permitted in the exhibition space, but are welcome in all other areas of the museum.

This exhibition has been made possible thanks to the generous support of our sponsors and to the numerous individuals and organisations who contributed to our Art Happens crowdfunding campaign.

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100 Objects Digital Exhibition

100 Objects Digital Exhibition image

The West Highland 100 is an online digital gallery created for our 100th anniversary which showcases the 100 most iconic objects in the West Highland Museum's collection chosen by visitors.

The University of St. Andrews have created a digital gallery and virtual museum for visitors to explore our collections online in the comfort of their own homes. The gallery includes photographs, video, podcasts, blogs, audio, and 3D recreations of objects. Visit the gallery via our website or directly at whm100.org/


The "Du Teillay": the ship that took Prince Charles Edward Stuart to Scotland with Thierry Guihéneuf, PhD

The "Du Teillay" commonly known as "La Doutelle" in most English publications is the name of the ship that took Prince Charles Edward Stuart from Brittany to Scotland in July 1745. For the past three centuries, the ship has continued to be the source of inspiration for many painters interested in the maritime aspect of the '45. However, what do we really know about the ship and the Jacobite supporters in France who managed to secretly take the Prince to Scotland? Following the publication of his article entitled "The Du Teillay: fifteen months as a privateer" in the journal of the 1745 Association, Thierry Guihéneuf sheds light on the facts behind the sloop "La Doutelle" and her fateful voyage to Scotland.

Thierry Guihéneuf is a French national living in the United Kingdom originating from Saint-Nazaire in south Brittany, where Prince Charles Edward Stuart embarked on board the "Du Teillay" in early July 1745. He is a member of the 1745 Association, with a particular interest in maritime aspects of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, an event so relevant in Scottish history.

Tuesday 19th December, 6pm

Tickets are £3.50.  To book ONLINE visit Eventbrite to buy you ticket, a joining link for Zoom will be sent by email shortly before the event starts.

For more information contact:     01397 702169 (Monday - Friday) /  info@westhighlandmuseum.org.uk


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