More on The Appin Murder

The need to hang someone for the crime was urgent. Without any evidence, James of the Glen was arrested as instigator of the murder of Glenure, and Alan Breck Stewart was accused of the actual killing. Alan Breck escaped to France while James was brought to trial at the circuit court in Inverary.

Unable to counteract neither the perjuries and distortions of the prosecution witness, nor the bias of the court, James was sentenced to death. It has never been in doubt that he did not commit the crime, but who did remains a mystery. On 8 November, 1752, James of the Glen was hanged on a small hill near Ballachulish, just outside Fort William. The body was hung in chains and left as a warning to the neighbourhood. A guard of fifteen soldiers was detailed to watch the body and prevent its removal. The guard duty did not cease until 1754.

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