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School Visits

The West Highland Museum has an active and ongoing relationship with many local schools.  We have a number of activities and workshops designed to link into the P1-7 Environmental Studies Plan, as well as the secondary curriculum. These historical topics include ‘The Jacobites’, ‘The Clearances’, ‘The Victorians’, ‘The Victorian Christmas’ and ‘World War Two’ but we are happy to consider constructing further workshops if a particular topic is requested.

Most school visits will include an activity designed to take the pupils around the Museum to items connected with the specific subject they are studying and in many cases there is the opportunity for pupils to handle genuine artefacts from that period.  For those studying The Jacobites there is a chance to dress in a traditional Belted Plaid and wield a broadsword, dirk and targe!

We are also able to take items from our handling collection to schools outwith Fort William who may find a visit to the museum less practical.  This may be as a single visit with a member of the Museum staff or as a loan box that the school keeps for a period of time.

All school visits to the West Highland Museum, handling visits or loan boxes are free.

If you have any questions, or would like to book a visit, please contact the Museum on 01397 702169, or email info@westhighlandmuseum.org.uk