With effect from 1st April 2018, the organisation running the Museum will be the West Highland Museum Trust.  As was intimated at the 2017 AGM, the Museum Trustees unanimously decided to seek consent from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) to wind up the trust deed governed body, the West Highland Museum and transfer assets to the new WHMT, a charitable company limited by guarantee.  The new WHMT is company number SC581556 and Scottish Charity number SC047954.  OSCR has now given consent and the transfer is in progress.    This is a significant move by the Museum and follows the route taken by many long-established charities that desire to modernise their governance.

Responsibility for oversight of the operation of the Museum will now sit with the board of directors, rather than be shared with a Management Committee.  While the Trustees must remain in place until the entire assets are transferred, the Management Committee has ceased to function.  The Chairman of Trustees attended the last meeting of the Management Committee on 28th March and expressed thanks on behalf of Trustees for their sterling work over many years.

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